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Netflix Launches New App for Cloud Gaming on TV

Netflix has introduced a new app called “Netflix Game Controller” that allows subscribers to play games on their TV. The app allows users to pair their phone with their TV to use it as a controller for playing games available on Netflix's service. Although the app is already available on the App Store, there is no specific information about which games will be available on the big screen or when they will be launched.

Netflix had previously expressed its interest in expanding into cloud gaming. In October 2022, Netflix's VP of Gaming, Mike Verdu, announced the company's plans to explore a cloud gaming offering and establish a gaming studio in Southern California. However, Verdu clarified that Netflix does not see itself as competing directly with PlayStation or Xbox, but rather aims to provide a value-add service that complements existing gaming platforms.

Netflix believes that the failure of previous cloud gaming services, like Google's Stadia, was due to flawed business models rather than technological limitations. The streaming giant plans to offer free games as part of its subscription service and has already released over 50 titles since entering the gaming market in November 2021.

Netflix has ambitious goals for its cloud gaming service, aiming to enable members to play games on any device that supports Netflix. Although the focus on gaming has waned recently due to concerns about password-sharing and its impact on revenue, the growing subscriber base indicates a potential market for Netflix's gaming service.

Currently, the Netflix Gaming Controller app is only available on iOS devices. Its performance and popularity on the App Store are yet to be determined.