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New Details Emerge for Snow Bros. 2: Special Remake

A remake of the classic 1994 arcade game Snow Bros. 2: With New Elves has been announced as Snow Bros. 2: Special, and it has been spotted as part of the Tokyo Game Show lineup. While not much is known about the game, the Tokyo Game Show site confirms that it will be available for Switch and Steam.

The remake is being developed by CRT Games, the same studio that handled the 2022 remake of the first game, Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Special. This new version of Snow Bros. 2 will feature four-player co-op, new levels, and a “Monster Mode” that promises to add a remix to the gameplay.

The art style of Snow Bros. 2: Special has been tweaked, taking inspiration from the style used in Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Special. Some fans may not find the art style particularly imaginative, but it is a welcome addition to the game. It is unknown if the terrifying toddler pictures from the character select screen will make a return.

Snow Bros. 2: Special is a highly anticipated remaster, as the original game never reached North American arcades and has never been ported to consoles before. The game was originally developed by Toaplan and is a single-screen arcade title similar to Bubble Bobble.

As of now, Snow Bros. 2: Special is only confirmed for release on the Switch and PC platforms. A worldwide release date has not been announced yet, but CRT Games assures that it will be available globally.

(Source: CRT Games website)

Author: Zoey Handley