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New Flying Car, Aeromobil 3.0, Now Available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

LivToAir has released the Aeromobil 3.0, a flying car, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Originally designed by Aeromobil and unveiled in 2014, the Aeromobil 3.0 is now available as a simulation experience for flight enthusiasts.

The Aeromobil 3.0 features a foldable wing system, working circuit breakers, and a high-quality 3D model. It functions both on the ground and in the air, allowing for a versatile flying experience within the flight simulator.

To provide a realistic and immersive experience, the simulation includes a fuel truck for realistic refueling and defueling, a highly detailed electronic flight bag (EFB), and a detailed manual for guidance.

Flying enthusiasts can now purchase the LivToAir Aeromobil 3.0 from SIMMARKET for €19.99 (excluding taxes). With the ability to fly a car in a flight simulator, this product offers a unique and innovative option for those looking for a different experience.

Although the real-life Aeromobil 3.0 faced setbacks when it crashed in 2015, the simulation version allows users to safely experience flying a car without any risks involved. It offers a chance for users to explore the concept of a flying car and enjoy a thrilling simulation within the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.

The LivToAir Aeromobil 3.0 simulation adds a new dimension and excitement to flight simulation, showcasing the possibilities and capabilities of future transportation technology. With its advanced features and attention to detail, this simulation offers a fantastic and immersive experience for flight enthusiasts.

– Flight simulator: a device or program used to recreate or simulate an aircraft's flight and its environment for pilot training, aviation education, or entertainment purposes.
– Foldable wing system: a feature that allows the wings of an aircraft to be folded or extended, providing flexibility depending on ground or flight modes.
– Circuit breakers: electrical switches that automatically interrupt the flow of current to protect electrical circuits from damage in case of excess current or a short circuit.
– 3D model: a digital representation of a physical object or environment in three dimensions, used in simulations, games, and visualizations.

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