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New Fortnite Crossover Introduces Futurama to Chapter 4 Season 3’s Island

The upcoming v25.20 patch in Fortnite will feature a collaboration with the popular animated series Futurama. Players will have the opportunity to experience the vibrant world of Futurama within the game, complete with comedic humor, adventure, and epic battles.

Created by Matt Groening, Futurama has gained a dedicated fan base with its witty humor, memorable characters, and imaginative depiction of a futuristic world. This collaboration event will bring the world of Futurama to the Chapter 4 Season 3 Island in Fortnite.

Fans have long been speculating about a potential crossover and are excited to see it finally coming to fruition. While specific details about the event are still unknown, it is speculated that new skins based on Futurama characters like Philip J. Fry and Bender may be added to the Item Shop.

There are also rumors of event-related quests that could involve characters like Zapp Brannigan and Professor. These quests may include searching for rare loot, solving puzzles, and even going on time-traveling missions to different eras within Fortnite Island.

Additionally, a new emote called Share The Wealth has been added to Fortnite, which some players believe is a reference to the popular ‘Take My Money' meme from Futurama. This hidden easter egg has caught many players off guard.

As more details about the Fortnite x Futurama collaboration are released, this article will be updated. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and make sure to visit the dedicated Fortnite page for the latest updates and guides.