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New Furina Leaks for Genshin Impact 4.2: Character Model Changes, Splash Art, and More

The highly anticipated future update of Genshin Impact is set to introduce Furina, the new Archon, as a playable character. Since her debut in the 4.0 update, Furina has gained significant attention within the community due to her unique attitude and unconventional approach. According to leaks for the upcoming 4.1 update, the story will delve deeper into Furina's character, with some leaks even suggesting that she may relinquish her divine position.

Recent reveals of Furina's splash art have unveiled some interesting changes to her character model, which have been corroborated by renowned dataminer, Mero. It appears that Furina, as the Hydro Archon, possesses both the Pneuma and Ousia visions, with Hydro as her primary wielding element. Further details about the changes to her character model will be discussed in this article.

However, it is important to note that all information presented here is based on leaks, which are subject to change. Therefore, readers should approach this information with caution.

Furina's role will be pivotal in Genshin Impact's Fontaine arc, as she has remained a mysterious character since her introduction. There have been hints suggesting that there is more to her than meets the eye, with indications of hidden insecurities and inner monologues. The 4.1 trailer provides a glimpse into Furina's emotional state, conveying a sense of helplessness in her voice.

In contrast to Furina's white garments in the base game, her playable model will feature black garments. Additionally, she will possess both the Pneuma and Ousia visions, indicating her ability to handle various Fontaine puzzles single-handedly.

The splash art for Furina showcases her with a short haircut, a departure from her previous pigtail hairstyle in the 4.0 update. Surrounding her are three unique creatures, suggesting that her abilities will involve Hydro summons for both damage and support.

Furthermore, a leaked image of Furina's name card in the 4.2 update reveals various treats from her nation and a Ferris wheel, possibly indicating a connection to the v3.8 event.

In addition to the leaks about Furina, there is also information about Charlotte's splash art, who is another significant character in the Fontaine arc. Players can expect her to join the roster of playable characters in Genshin Impact.

Source: Leaks, Datamined Information (credited to Mero)

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