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New Icons Coming to League of Legends Champions in Patch 13.17

In the upcoming Patch 13.17 for League of Legends, new icons will be introduced for each champion, according to recent datamine leaks. This has sparked speculation among players that the beloved Essence Emporium could be making a comeback. The Essence Emporium was temporarily removed from the game in 2022 due to technical difficulties and Riot's efforts to improve its scalability.

Since the Riot-built client last featured the Essence Emporium a year ago, players had started to lose hope of its return. However, the recent datamine leak, shared by several League insiders, has reignited anticipation. The leak revealed that new icons are being developed for every League champion and can be previewed here.

Furthermore, there will be a selection of adorable Poro emotes added to the League shop, capturing the attention and excitement of players. Many League enthusiasts are eager to acquire these icons and are even willing to spend a significant amount of blue essence to obtain each one.

One aspect of the new icons that has drawn mixed reactions from fans is the inclusion of each champion's corresponding region. Some players argue that this feature detracts from the overall aesthetic of the icons and suggest that it should be revised in a future patch. However, Riot has not yet addressed whether they will make any adjustments during the testing phase on the PBE server.

While the inclusion of the region icon may not be problematic when applied to a player's profile, as they are displayed in a square format, it does occupy a significant portion of the space. Despite this concern, the potential return of the Blue Essence Emporium in Patch 13.17 has brought joy to the community, and numerous players are eagerly looking forward to acquiring these new icons.

For enthusiasts like myself, the arrival of the Essence Emporium also means the opportunity to spend my Blue Essence once again.