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New Pokémon DLC Leak Reveals Exciting Details About Ursaluna and Ogerpon Forms

A recent leak of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's upcoming “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero” DLC has revealed some exciting details about new forms and Pokémon. The leak, which includes updated game files, provides information about Ursaluna's rumored Blood Moon form and the different masks of Ogerpon.

According to the leak, Ursaluna's Blood Moon form is a result of drifting ashore to new lands and gaining special powers. This form grants Ursaluna the ability to see in the dark with its left eye and use mud as a protective shield. It also introduces a new move called Blood Moon that unleashes its spirit's full power. This form adds a unique twist to Ursaluna's abilities and attributes.

The leak also uncovers Ogerpon's secret behind the teal mask. Ogerpon's mask is interchangeable, revealing a mischievous Pokémon hiding behind it. Each mask changes Ogerpon's typing and grants specific stat boosts. The teal mask appears to boost Ogerpon's Speed, the wellspring mask adds Water-type capabilities and enhances Attack and Defense, the heartflame mask specializes in Fire-type options and boosts Attack, and the cornerstone mask adds Rock typing and boosts Defense. Whether the masks can be removed entirely is still unconfirmed.

In addition to the leaks about Ursaluna and Ogerpon, the DLC leak also reveals information about Applin's new evolution, Dipplin, and confirms the existence of a pre-evolution for Poltchageist called Sinistcha. Dipplin is said to consist of two creatures sharing the same apple as a home, and there are rumors of a second evolution coming in The Indigo Disk DLC. Sinistcha has a similar concept to Sinistea, tricking people into drinking it to drain their life force and having a move called Matcha Gotcha that can heal the user.

While these leaks provide exciting information, it is important to take them with a grain of salt until officially confirmed with the release of “The Teal Mask” on September 13. Nevertheless, Pokémon fans have plenty to look forward to with the new DLC and its hidden treasures.

Source: Cale Michael, Lead Staff Writer for Dot Esports