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New Pokemon Event Announced for Hong Kong

A new Pokemon event, the Pokemon Game Festival Hong Kong 2023, has been announced to take place from September 23rd until October 8th at The Wai in Tai Wai. The theme of the event is centered around the Mid-Autumn festival and will showcase check-in areas inspired by the games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as the movie Detective Pikachu Returns.

Attendees of the event can look forward to a range of activities and attractions. One exciting feature is the opportunity to meet and interact with the starter Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Fans will also have the chance to participate in game and TCG battles at a designated battle area. For those who enjoy creativity, there will be coloring activities available, as well as quizzes to test attendees' knowledge of the Pokemon universe.

The event promises an immersive experience for Pokemon enthusiasts and fans of the franchise. The organizers have released preview images of the event area, providing a glimpse of what visitors can expect.

Are you excited about this upcoming Pokemon event in Hong Kong? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

– Pokemon Game Festival Hong Kong Official Announcement