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New Sniper Rifle Joins Warzone 2 with Season 5

Warzone 2 Season 5 has introduced several new additions to the game, including the Carrack .300 Sniper Rifle. This semi-auto bullpup Sniper Rifle offers a high fire rate and impressive handling and stability even when on the move. The Carrack .300 bears similarities to the WA2000 from the original MW2 game, known for its accuracy, rate of fire, and moderate damage.

To create the best loadout for the Carrack .300 in Warzone 2, players can utilize the following attachments: Heavy-Tac 300 barrel for improved bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil control; Nilsound 90 muzzle for additional bullet velocity; Lex V14 stock to enhance ADS and sprint speed, ideal for both Resurgence and Battle Royale modes; Forge TAC Delta 4 optic for 5.5x magnification to spot distant enemies, suitable for large maps like Warzone 2's Al Mazrah; and a 10 Round magazine for more bullets available.

For perks and equipment, the suggested choices are Bomb Squad as the base perk 1 for resistance to explosive damage; Double Time as base perk 2 for increased movement speed; Fast Hands as a must-have perk for quick weapon swapping; Ghost as the ultimate perk to remain hidden from enemy UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors; Drill Charge as the lethal equipment for dealing explosive damage to campers; and Flash Grenade as the tactical equipment to temporarily blind opponents.

To unlock the Carrack .300, players must complete the E7 Sector of the Season 5 Battle Pass. The weapon can be obtained for free by grinding the game. It is possible that the weapon may have an unlock challenge after Season 5.

If players are looking for alternatives to the Carrack .300, they can consider the SP-X 80 for close-range sniping and the Signal 50 for long-range engagements.

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