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New Technology Brings Edinburgh Skyline to Life for Potential Buyers

Potential buyers of the 67 St Bernard’s project in Edinburgh will now be able to experience the stunning views of the city's skyline without even setting foot inside the building. Kelvin Properties, the developer behind the project, has utilized video game technology to create “hyper-realistic” virtual tours of the properties using the Unreal Engine software.

This marks one of the first instances in which this cutting-edge technology has been employed by a property developer in Scotland. The virtual tours give prospective buyers an immersive experience, allowing them to explore the apartments as if they were physically present, showcasing the intricate details and high-quality finishes of the properties.

Since the launch of sales on September 8, Savills, the estate agent handling the project, has already received over 600 inquiries, making it one of the most highly anticipated developments in Edinburgh. The project boasts stunning panoramic views of the Edinburgh skyline, including iconic landmarks such as Calton Hill, Arthurs Seat, and Edinburgh Castle.

The apartments in the 67 St Bernard’s development are expected to be completed by next summer and went on sale on Friday. This innovative use of video game technology not only provides potential buyers with a realistic representation of the properties but also highlights the developer's commitment to utilizing cutting-edge tools to enhance the customer experience.

Overall, this utilization of video game technology demonstrates the evolution of the real estate industry in embracing innovative solutions to showcase properties and attract buyers. With the success of this project, it is likely that we will see more developers adopting similar technologies in the future to provide potential buyers with immersive and interactive experiences.

– Unreal Engine: A widely-used game engine developed by Epic Games, known for its realistic graphics and physics simulation capabilities.
– CGI: Short for Computer-Generated Imagery, it refers to the use of computer graphics to create or enhance visual content.

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