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New Update Coming to Fortnite Season 4: Patch Notes and Changes

Fortnite players have something to look forward to as the second major update of Season 4 is set to take place on September 26, 2023. In this update, players can expect a range of changes and additions to the game. Let's take a closer look at what's in store.

One of the most exciting additions is the arrival of Ahsoka Tano as the “secret” Battle Pass skin for Season 4. Players will be able to unlock this Star Wars character through in-game Quests starting at 2PM UTC tomorrow. Additionally, the full Ahsoka Tano set, which includes a Pickaxe, Emote, Back Bling, Spray, Wrap, and Emoticon, will also be revealed in the game.

However, it remains uncertain whether the Star Wars Mythic items will make a return in this update. Fans will have to wait to find out if they can continue using these powerful items in their battles.

On the other hand, players can say goodbye to the My Hero Academia items, as they will be removed in this update. The Todoroki Ice Wall, Deku Smash, and All Might Supply Drops will no longer be available, alongside the cosmetic set that will leave the Item Shop tomorrow night.

The Fortnite sixth birthday celebrations will also come to an end with this update. Limited-time Quests will be removed, and birthday items will go back into the vault. Birthday cakes, which have been spread across the Island, will be removed as well. It is uncertain whether the ‘Jump Balloon' Augment, introduced during the celebrations, will be vaulted too.

In addition to these content changes, players can expect new Reality Augments to be introduced to Battle Royale. These Augments offer unique gameplay mechanics and are often related to the ongoing storyline. There is also a possibility of older Augments from the earlier seasons making a comeback.

Finally, the update will address various bugs and issues in the game. Some of the fixes include players not receiving XP notifications in UEFN islands, security cameras not showing the tracking beam, and mid-match objectives in Fortnite tournaments not granting points. These bug fixes aim to enhance the overall gaming experience for players.

As always, Fortnite continues to bring exciting updates and changes to keep the game fresh and entertaining. Stay tuned for more news and updates by following Fortnite's social media accounts.

– Battle Pass: A system in Fortnite that allows players to earn cosmetic items through gameplay progression.
– Mythic items: Powerful and rare items in Fortnite that grant unique abilities or advantages to players.
– Augments: Gameplay modifiers or enhancements introduced to Fortnite that add new mechanics to the game.
– Bug fixes: Corrections made to address issues or problems in a video game.

– Official Fortnite Trello page.