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New Update Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Sim Update 13

Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts can now explore the latest Sim Update 13, a significant update released by Asobo Studio. This update focuses on optimizing the performance of the game on consoles and PC, addressing memory utilization, frame rates, and bug fixes. The file size for this update is approximately 5.5 GB.

One notable improvement in Sim Update 13 is the option to hide the cursor that appears when using an Xbox controller to navigate the cockpit. This feature eliminates the annoyance of the cursor obstructing the view. Additionally, Asobo Studio has introduced graphical changes for the horizon line effect, reducing its visibility and making it look more natural, especially when passing through hills. The active pause function has also been enhanced, ensuring that the aircraft's speed remains frozen after utilizing this feature.

Furthermore, the developers have made significant advancements in the Garmin G1000 NXI, G3000/G5000 avionics, as well as implemented various fixes for the Airbus A310-300. The team has also improved the systems of the Boeing 787-10/747-8 and addressed numerous graphical issues from previous World Updates.

Exciting plans and key changes for Sim Update 13 were discussed during a recent livestream by the Asobo team. This livestream provided insights into their upcoming projects and developments for the following months.

It is worth noting that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, the sequel to the game, is expected to be launched next year.

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