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Newegg’s “Trade-In” Program Offers Convenience but Low Trade-In Values for GPUs

Newegg, a popular US retailer, has introduced a trade-in program for GPUs, allowing consumers to upgrade to next-generation products with ease. Trade-in programs are valued by consumers who prefer to avoid the potential scams and inconveniences of selling their products on marketplaces. This initiative from Newegg offers a convenient alternative.

However, while the program appears to be beneficial, Newegg's trade-in values for GPUs are surprisingly low. For example, a refurbished NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti can be found on the same retailer's website for $829, but the trade-in value offered is only $561. Similarly, the AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT has a trade-in value of $375, while the retailer already lists refurbished models at $549.99, representing a 46% markup.

The trade-in program may eliminate the hassle of dealing with potential buyers, but the trade-in values may not be satisfactory for many consumers. It is important to consider the factors involved and weigh the pros and cons.

Newegg's trade-in program applies a variety of quality checks before accepting a GPU. If the GPU does not meet the set criteria, the trade-in offer may be declined, and the GPU will be returned to the customer. The program works through a simple process: customers verify the eligibility of their GPU for trade-in, receive a preliminary offer, ship their GPU to Newegg, and upon inspection, receive a credit applied to their new GPU purchase.

While Newegg's trade-in program offers convenience similar to other companies like Apple, the low trade-in values for GPUs may discourage some consumers. However, if one prefers to avoid the process of selling a GPU on public marketplaces, Newegg's trade-in program might be worth considering.

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