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Nicolas Cage Joins Dead by Daylight with Unique Voice Lines

Nicolas Cage has made his debut in the asymmetrical horror game, Dead by Daylight, not only as a character but also as a voice actor for his own role. The collaboration between Cage and the game was announced during the Dead by Daylight 7th Anniversary broadcast, joining other iconic characters like Leon Kennedy and Cheryl Mason in this unexpected crossover.

What sets Cage's character apart are the numerous voice lines he recorded specifically for the game. Known for his distinct and quirky acting style, Cage's personality shines through in the recordings, adding a unique and enjoyable element to the match. Every grunt, scream, and exertion you hear in the game is actually performed by Cage himself.

In addition to these sounds, Cage's character has over ten minutes of recorded voice lines, making him the first survivor in Dead by Daylight to have significant in-game dialogue. These lines include quips during chases, when downed, and while using items, bringing more immersion and entertainment to the gameplay.

While the developers, Behaviour, have not shared much about the recording process, the voice lines sound unscripted and spontaneous, giving the impression that Cage was directly involved in the recording booth. Some of the memorable lines include “ow, ow, fucking ow!” and “How could this be fun for anybody? It’s certainly not fun for me.” These lines not only add character to Cage's survivor but can also be heard by other teammates, enhancing the overall experience.

Following the positive reception of Cage's voice lines, fans hope that future characters in the game will receive the same treatment. This feature has the potential to expand the immersion and entertainment value of Dead by Daylight. While there are no current plans to add voice lines to existing characters, the developers have been known to listen to community feedback and make changes accordingly.

Although the response regarding expanding this feature to other characters was not definitive, fans remain hopeful that characters like Evil Dead's Ashy Slashy, voiced by Bruce Campbell, will also receive more voice lines in the future. The success of Cage's involvement in the game suggests that Behaviour would be wise to consider giving future characters the same treatment.