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Nintendo Adds Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages to Switch Online Subscription

Nintendo has expanded its Switch Online subscription service by adding two iconic Zelda games: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. These games, released in 2001, offer a blend of classic top-down Zelda adventuring with innovative features that lead to engaging puzzles and stunning pixel art gameplay.

In Oracle of Seasons, players can utilize the Rod of Seasons to change the time of year, whereas in Oracle of Ages, they can travel through time using the Harp of Ages. Both games transform different aspects of the world, with Oracle of Ages being more puzzle-focused. Additionally, completing one game provides a secret code that alters gameplay and story in the other, adding an intriguing element of connectivity. Ultimately, playing both games unlocks the opportunity to face a final secret boss.

What sets Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages apart is the rich content they offer. Their overworlds are brimming with monsters to battle, items to collect, and secrets to discover. Serving as a follow-up to the renowned Ocarina of Time, these games represent the culmination of the original 2D structure of the Zelda series, featuring exploration of dense maps and tackling individually themed dungeons. Many fans consider these titles among the best handheld Zeldas Nintendo has ever created, and some even consider them as top entries in the entire series.

With the arrival of these Zelda classics, the Game Boy library on the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service is starting to take shape. Players can now immerse themselves in the charming and nostalgic worlds of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, making this summer an ideal time to revisit these beloved titles and escape into their surreal adventures.