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Nintendo Introduces Passkeys for Easy and Secure Account Sign-In

Nintendo has recently added support for passkeys in order to enhance the sign-in process for its users. Passkeys are a passwordless sign-in method that utilize your device's personal authentication methods such as fingerprint or face scan to grant access to your online accounts. With this new feature, Nintendo users can now register and use a passkey to log in to their accounts from various devices.

Passkeys eliminate the need for traditional passwords by utilizing your device's authentication methods like Face ID on iPhones, fingerprint sensors on Android phones, or Windows Hello on PCs. By leveraging WebAuthn (Web Authentication) technology, passkeys generate two different keys: one stored by the website or service where the account is registered, and a private key stored on the device used to verify the user's identity.

One might wonder what happens if their device is lost or broken since passkeys are stored on the device. In such cases, many services that support passkeys offer backup options, including reauthentication through phone numbers or email addresses, or the use of hardware security keys. While some services like Gmail still require the use of a password as a precaution, popular password vaults from Apple and Google, as well as password managers like 1Password and Dashlane, already support passkeys.

To add a passkey to a Nintendo account, users can visit from the desired device and navigate to “Sign-in and security settings > Passkeys > Edit.” From there, users can follow the steps to register a new passkey. It's worth noting that Nintendo currently supports passkeys on iOS 16 or later, iPadOS 16 or later, macOS 13 or later, and Android 9 or later, and users can register up to 10 different passkeys to their Nintendo account.

With the introduction of passkeys, Nintendo joins the increasing number of online services that offer this more secure alternative to traditional passwords. TikTok, Apple, PayPal, 1Password, Google, and GitHub are just a few examples of companies that have already implemented passkey support. This innovation is set to provide users with a simplified and safer way to access their accounts, while reducing the reliance on easily guessable passwords.

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