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Nintendo Releases Pikmin Finder, a Surprising Mobile AR Game

Nintendo has a long history of combining video games with real-world experiences, and their latest surprise is Pikmin Finder, a mobile browser game that utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology. Developed in collaboration with Niantic subsidiary 8th Wall, Pikmin Finder was released just in time for Nintendo Live 2023.

The gameplay of Pikmin Finder is focused on AR, rather than geolocation, making it unique from other Niantic games such as Pikmin Bloom and Pokémon Go. Players are tasked with finding Pikmin sprouts planted in the ground and plucking them with a simple swipe of their finger. By gathering Pikmin, players can form a platoon and send them out on treasure-seeking missions.

There are 20 different types of treasures to collect in Pikmin Finder, each with their own descriptive names. For example, a tennis ball is transformed into the “Sphere of Fuzzy Feelings,” and a pocket watch becomes the “Temporal Mechanism.” The game even references the Nintendo Switch, allowing Pikmin to discover a Telekinesis Detector (Joy-Con) or a Game Boy Advance SP, known as the “Stone of Advancement” in the Pikmin universe.

Pikmin Finder serves as a promotional tactic for Pikmin 4 on the Nintendo Switch, aiming to engage players while they wait in line at events like Nintendo Live. Unlike other mobile games, Pikmin Finder can be played entirely within one spot, as long as users can rotate their phones. By releasing the game as a browser-based application with no downloads required, Nintendo has made it accessible to a wide audience.

Overall, Pikmin Finder is another successful and innovative addition to Nintendo's lineup of mobile games. Its unique AR gameplay, combined with the beloved Pikmin universe, is sure to attract new fans and engage existing ones.


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