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Nintendo Shifts Focus to Princess Peach as Super Mario Voice Actor Retires

Long-time Super Mario voice actor Charles Martinet has officially stepped down from his role as the voice of the famed plumber, leading to speculation that Nintendo might be placing Princess Peach as the centerpiece hero moving forward. Martinet had been voicing Mario for over 30 years, starting with the CD version of Mario Teaches Typing in 1994 and culminating in his iconic performance in Super Mario 64.

In the wake of Martinet's retirement, Nintendo has announced that Princess Peach will be getting her own game. The game, titled Princess Peach Showtime!, was revealed during a Nintendo Direct event and is set to be released on March 22 for the Nintendo Switch. It features Peach embarking on her own adventure, donning different outfits like her plumber counterpart and taking on various roles such as Kung-Fu Peach, Detective Peach, and Swordfighter Peach.

The announcement of a Princess Peach game comes at a time when Nintendo seems to be transitioning away from Mario. While Mario will still be a prominent character, the retirement of Martinet and the focus on Peach suggest that Nintendo is exploring new avenues within the Mario universe.

Princess Peach's prominence has grown in recent years, especially with her portrayal in the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Actress Anya-Taylor Joy delivered a powerful and active performance as Peach, showing her as a leader rather than a damsel in distress. The success of the film, which earned $1.36 billion worldwide, has paved the way for potential sequels and spinoffs, including a prequel showcasing Peach's journey to becoming the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom.

While some fans were initially confused by the casting of Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario, his performance was well-received, and he paired well with Joy. This opens up the possibility of crossover appearances in each other's films.

The shift towards Princess Peach as a leading character demonstrates Nintendo's recognition of her importance within the Mario franchise. It will be interesting to see how this new direction unfolds and how fans respond to the upcoming Princess Peach game.

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