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Nintendo’s History of PC Exclusive Games

Nintendo, a leading video game publisher, has entertained fans for over a decade with popular titles like Pikmin and Mario. While Nintendo has primarily focused on console-based games, there has been a growing demand from fans for PC exclusives from this gaming giant.

Although Nintendo has expanded its presence in the mobile platform with games like Pokémon Go, they have not yet announced any upcoming PC-exclusive projects. However, it is worth noting that Nintendo did release some PC games in the 1990s, in addition to their console releases.

During the 1990s, aside from their console exclusive games, Nintendo also released a few edutainment games for PC users. Edutainment refers to a category of media that combines education and entertainment. These games featured iconic Nintendo characters like Mario and aimed to make learning more engaging and enjoyable.

One notable PC exclusive was Mario Teaches Typing, which helped users learn typing through various challenges and exercises. Another popular game was Mario's Early Years, which taught children about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters through interactive activities. Additionally, Mario's Time Machine allowed players to travel with Mario and solve puzzles based on historical figures and events.

Although Nintendo's PC-exclusive games in the 1990s were not as successful as their console games, they showed promise for the company in the PC gaming market. However, Nintendo has not announced any PC projects for the future, and it seems they are currently focused on the success of their Nintendo Switch console.

Given the growing popularity of PC gaming, it remains to be seen if Nintendo will venture back into this market. Fans have enjoyed their past PC games and found them helpful, so it could be a possibility in the future. However, for now, Nintendo seems content with their success on the console front.