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No Man’s Sky Launches New Limited-Time Expedition: Voyagers

No Man's Sky has unveiled its latest limited-time expedition, Voyagers, following the success of the recent Echoes update. Players will have approximately six weeks to complete the objectives of this expedition and earn exciting rewards, including a new companion known as the HoverDroid.

Voyagers begins with a fresh star, as players are placed aboard a freighter in No Man's Sky's Oishida system. From there, they will embark on an exploration-focused journey, conquering challenges such as discovering new creatures, venturing into extreme environments, and unearthing ancient treasures.

For those unfamiliar with expeditions, they are No Man's Sky's version of live-service seasonal content. These limited-time experiences condense and rearrange the game's various systems into a series of milestone challenges. Each tier of objectives completed unlocks exclusive rewards, with the final prize awarded upon completion of all tiers.

The rewards for completing Voyagers include a new electric-themed jetpack trial cosmetic, voyage-inspired posters, a mechanical paw for tamed companions, and a selection of base ornaments. Additionally, players who see the expedition through to the end will earn the adorable HoverDroid companion. This flying mechanical companion hatches from a Robotic Spawn Capsule, and its presence turns the air around it a faint purple.

One interesting aspect of Voyagers is its potential ties to the upcoming major update for No Man's Sky. Developer Hello Games often hints at future updates through these expeditions, sparking curiosity among players about the story implications of the HoverDroid's arrival.

The Voyagers expedition is available from September 1st to October 27th. If you want to add the charming HoverDroid to your collection, it's time to step into your space boots and embark on this thrilling journey.

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