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No Plans for Additional Content in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

According to Tears of the Kingdom producer Eiji Aonuma, there are no plans for additional content in the game. This is because the developers believe that they have already incorporated all of their major gameplay ideas into the base game. With an estimated gameplay time of 235 hours, Tears of the Kingdom offers players a vast world to explore, puzzles to solve, enemies to defeat, and Koroks to discover.

Although fans may be disappointed by the lack of DLC, the development team is already looking ahead to their next project. Tears of the Kingdom director Hidemaro Fujibayashi mentioned that they are considering what their “next fun experience” will be, but it remains uncertain at this point.

It is important to note that the future of The Legend of Zelda series may not follow the same format as its predecessors. Aonuma stated that the series has evolved after Ocarina of Time and with Breath of the Wild introducing a new type of open play and freedom, it has created a new format for the series to build upon.

While it may be a disappointment for some players who were hoping for DLC, it's time to start looking forward to the next big Zelda game. So mark your calendars for 2028 or 2029 because it seems like the next adventure will require a significant time commitment.


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