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NRG Secures Spot at Worlds Following LCS Victory

NRG emerged victorious in a 3-1 win against Golden Guardians during the LCS, guaranteeing themselves a place in the upcoming international League of Legends tournament. This achievement marks NRG's first top-three finish in the LCS and their first appearance at an international event. Despite initial doubts about their performance after the withdrawal of Counter Logic Gaming, the core players Dhokla, Contractz, and Palafox proved their abilities and secured a spot on the world stage.

Contractz, who was named the MVP of the series, expressed his emotions after the win. This will be his first return to Worlds in over six years since his time with Cloud9. Dhokla, along with Palafox, will have their international debut in Busan and are looking forward to the experience, ready to learn and improve. Additionally, Australian ADC FBI will be attending his third consecutive Worlds after representing 100 Thieves in the previous two events, and support player IgNar finally makes a return to the top League tournament.

Despite a 9-9 regular season record, NRG showed their determination by defeating Team Liquid 3-1 to secure a place in the upper bracket of the LCS Championship. The match against Golden Guardians proved to be a challenge, but NRG had previously dominated them with a 2-0 lead this split. The series was filled with intense moments, including a game-three Baron steal, but NRG ultimately prevailed to secure their spot at Worlds.

NRG will now face C9 in the upper bracket final, while Golden Guardians will need to bounce back in their upcoming match against Dignitas to keep their World 2023 dreams alive. The LCS Championship will resume on Friday with further exciting matches to come.