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NVIDIA Adds More DLSS Games, Including Fort Solis, War Haven, and Delta Force: Hawk Ops

NVIDIA has recently expanded its library of DLSS games with the announcement of several new titles. One of the standout games is Fort Solis, a single-player third-person game set on Mars. Developed by Fallen Leaf, Black Drakkar Games, and Villagers, Fort Solis incorporates DLSS 3 technology, allowing gamers to experience a significant boost in FPS, with an average increase of 2.9x at 4K resolution and maximum graphics settings.

In addition to DLSS 3 support, Fort Solis also utilizes NVIDIA's generative AI Audio2Face technology. This innovative feature uses audio to create realistic facial animations, reducing the time and resources required to animate the game's characters.

NVIDIA has also announced that DLSS 3 support will be available for Delta Force: Hawk Ops and the upcoming game Project Mugen upon their respective launches. Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a highly anticipated title that will now benefit from the improved image quality and performance offered by DLSS 3.

The list of newly added DLSS games continues with War Haven, a game set to be released on September 21st, along with DLSS 3 support. Other games in the lineup include F1 Manager 2023, SPRAWL, Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle, and Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, all of which are already available with DLSS 2 technology.

DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, is a technology developed by NVIDIA that uses AI to upscale lower-resolution images in real-time, resulting in improved visual quality and smoother gameplay. It has become increasingly popular among gamers and game developers alike for its ability to enhance graphics performance while maintaining high image fidelity.

With the addition of these new DLSS games, NVIDIA continues to expand its support for this cutting-edge technology, providing gamers with enhanced gaming experiences and improved optimization.

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