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Nvidia Announces New Update to Improve Starfield Performance on Graphics Cards

Since its release earlier this month, Starfield has received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. One of the main concerns raised by users is the game's performance, particularly on Nvidia graphics cards, which have shown significantly lower performance compared to their AMD counterparts.

However, there is good news for Nvidia users, as the company has announced a new over-the-air update that aims to address these performance issues. The update is expected to enhance the overall experience for fans using Nvidia's 30 and 40 series graphics cards.

According to technology specialists at Digital Foundry, Starfield's performance was worse on Nvidia and Intel GPUs compared to AMD GPUs. The new update for Nvidia graphics cards will be compatible with all 30 and 40 series cards, as long as they have drivers 537.17 or above installed.

Early testing of the update has already shown promising results, with performance improvements of at least 5% within the game. Additionally, the update introduces a new feature called “resize bar” in the one-tap optimizations' settings. This feature allows the game to automatically optimize the settings based on the user's hardware, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

One of the factors contributing to Starfield's issues on Nvidia GPUs is the lack of support for Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technique. The game initially only had support for AMD's FidelityFX Super resolution. This led to complaints from gamers who claimed that Bethesda had entered into an exclusive partnership with AMD for Starfield. However, AMD has dismissed these claims, stating that they have no concerns with supporting DLSS as a super sampler.

In the absence of official support, community modders have developed mods to enable DLSS support on Nvidia graphics cards. However, one modder has faced controversy for limiting access to the DLSS support behind a paywall.

With the imminent release of the Nvidia update, fans can look forward to improved performance while playing Starfield. Although a 5% improvement may seem small, it can make a significant difference in the overall gaming experience. Whether this update will be enough to address all player problems and satisfy Bethesda's fanbase remains to be seen.

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