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Nvidia Releases Game Ready Driver for GeForce RTX Graphics Cards

Nvidia has launched its latest Game Ready driver, version 536.99, specifically designed for GeForce RTX graphics cards. One of the key focuses of this driver update is Baldur's Gate 3 support, with Nvidia claiming that enabling DLSS 2 can improve performance by an average of 93% across its latest RTX 40-series GPUs.

Along with enhancing the gameplay experience for Baldur's Gate 3, the driver also includes additional optimizations and improvements to further enhance gaming performance. However, Nvidia has not provided specific claims for performance increases with identical settings, suggesting that the gains might be modest.

DLSS 2 is compatible with both RTX 30- and RTX 20-series graphics cards, meaning users from both generations can benefit from DLSS improvements. However, the DLSS uplift may not be as significant for the older RTX 20-series cards due to their older Tensor Cores.

Apart from Baldur's Gate 3, the driver also improves performance and reliability for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Gord. These games will now feature the full DLSS 2 treatment, providing gamers with smoother gameplay and improved visual quality.

It's important to note that the new driver only supports DLSS 2 and does not include DLSS 3 or Frame Generation implementation for any of the mentioned games. Additionally, Nvidia has made Baldur's Gate 3 available on their GeForce Now cloud servers, running on RTX 4080s, delivering a seamless 4K120Hz gaming experience.

With this latest driver update, Nvidia aims to provide gamers with optimized performance and improved visuals for a range of games, giving players even more reason to indulge in epic gaming adventures. The driver can be downloaded from Nvidia's website.