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Nvidia’s GeForce Now Adds Support for More Games and Introduces Ultimate KovaaK’s Challenge Demo

Nvidia's cloud-based service, GeForce Now, continues to expand its library with the addition of 21 new games this week. Among the exciting arrivals are popular Bethesda titles such as Doom Eternal, Quake, and the entire rebooted Wolfenstein series. This announcement comes in conjunction with the ongoing Quakecon event.

The new additions to GeForce Now's lineup are focused on first-person shooters from id Software, known for their fast-paced and chaotic gameplay. In addition to the game releases, Nvidia has also introduced the Ultimate KovaaK's challenge demo. This demo allows users to stream a version of KovaaK's aim trainer, a popular game on Steam designed to help improve aim in FPS games.

The challenge in this demo requires players to complete specific tasks as quickly and accurately as possible. As a reward for completing the GFN-specific challenge, users will receive a special code that grants them 24 hours of access to GeForce Now's Ultimate tier. This will allow players to experience games like Baldur's Gate 3 in 4K at 120fps, provided they own the game and have a stable internet connection.

Nvidia has also announced that there will be more opportunities to win prizes, such as a 240Hz gaming monitor, for participating in the challenge.

In addition to the game releases and challenge demo, there are four new games that have been added to GeForce Now this week. These include Atlas Fallen, I Am Future, Sengoku Dynasty, and Tales & Tactics.

Overall, Nvidia's GeForce Now continues to expand its library and provide new and exciting experiences for gamers.