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NVIDIA’s Next-Gen RTX 50 Series GPUs Listed at ECC by AFOX

AFOX, a Taiwan-based company known for repackaging NVIDIA GPUs without adhering to standard guidelines, has listed several models of NVIDIA's next-generation RTX 50 series GPUs at the ECC. However, it's important to note that AFOX is not an official board partner of NVIDIA, so it's best to take this information with a grain of salt.

The listing includes models such as the RTX 5090 Ti, RTX 5090, RTX 5080 Ti, RTX 5080, RTX 5070 Ti, RTX 5070, RTX 5060 Ti, RTX 5060, RTX 5050 Ti, and RTX 5050. It's worth mentioning that this is just speculation from AFOX and not confirmed by NVIDIA. The tech giant is still in the process of finalizing its next-gen RTX 50 lineup, and we can expect more concrete information closer to its official launch.

While AFOX has previously posted questionable ECC listings, such as the Radeon RX 5950 that never materialized, reports of “Blackwell” GPUs have been circulating. These GPUs are expected to significantly improve computing performance, but it's worth noting that their release is not expected until around 2025.

NVIDIA is also rumored to be planning a refresh known as “Ada Lovelace,” which further adds to the uncertainty surrounding the release date of the next-gen RTX 50 series. It remains to be seen how NVIDIA will shape the Blackwell GPUs and when exactly they will be available.

In summary, the ECC listing by AFOX provides some interesting insights into the potential models of NVIDIA's next-gen RTX 50 series GPUs. However, as AFOX is not an official partner, this information should be taken with caution. We can expect more concrete details about NVIDIA's upcoming GPUs closer to their official launch.

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