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Only Up! Creator Removes Game from Steam, Plans New Project

The popular platformer game, Only Up!, has been voluntarily removed from the Steam platform by its creator, Indiesolodev. In a final update on Steam, Indiesolodev cited the game as a source of stress over the past several months and expressed a desire to move on from it.

Indiesolodev, a solo developer behind SCKR Games, shared plans for a new project called Kith. This upcoming game is described as a completely different genre and setting, with an emphasis on cinematography and realism. Indiesolodev expressed a hope that Kith will be created by a small team, allowing for a better game design experience.

This is not the first time Only Up! has been removed from Steam. Previously, the game was temporarily taken down due to controversy surrounding stolen assets. Indiesolodev quickly addressed the issue by removing the problematic assets, and the updated version of the game was re-released on Steam within days.

In addition to the stolen assets controversy, Only Up! also faced criticism for featuring NFT artwork on some assets. Some players viewed this as an advertisement for NFTs and expressed their discontent.

Despite the controversy and some difficulties with the controls, Only Up! gained popularity on Twitch, attracting attention from let's players and speedrunners. However, with the increased scrutiny, the developer felt overwhelmed, leading to the decision to remove the game.

Indiesolodev's decision to take a break and focus on personal growth as a developer is an essential step. The announcement of the new project, Kith, shows the developer's commitment to improving their skills in game design. Hopefully, with the support of a team, the development of Kith will be a smoother process.

Source: Christine Choi, Freelancer