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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Unveils High-Performance AI Compute Shape

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has introduced a new bare metal compute shape called OCI Compute BM.GPU.H100.8, which offers a powerful and high-performance AI computing solution in the cloud. The compute shape incorporates eight NVIDIA H100 GPUs, twin Intel 56-core Xeon CPUs, 2TB of DDR5 memory, 16x NVMe SSDs, and 400Gb networking capability. This offering leverages Oracle's expertise in bare metal cloud infrastructure to provide users with a cloud version of the dense and powerful on-prem 8-way H100 GPU servers.

Unlike traditional on-premises infrastructure, which often requires time and capital expenditures (CAPEX) for procurement and deployment, OCI Compute BM.GPU.H100.8 follows the cloud model of immediate availability and operational expenditures (OPEX). This allows organizations to quickly access and utilize the AI capabilities without investing heavily upfront.

The specifications of the OCI Compute BM.GPU.H100.8 include 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors with 2x 56 cores, 8x NVIDIA H100 80GB Tensor Core GPUs, 2TB of DDR5 memory, 16x 3.84TB NVMe local storage, and 8x 400 Gb/sec cluster networking speed. These specifications closely resemble the on-prem versions of powerful GPU servers, with the addition of a higher number of SSDs.

Oracle plans to introduce the new NVIDIA L40S GPUs in upcoming shapes, such as the BM.L40S.4. This shape will feature four L40S GPUs, twin Intel Xeon 56-core CPUs, 1TB of memory, 15.36TB of NVMe storage, and 400GB/s network bandwidth. These offerings showcase Oracle's commitment to providing cutting-edge AI infrastructure in the cloud.

In addition, OCI Supercluster enables organizations to scale their AI infrastructure from a single node up to 50,000 H100 GPUs. This scalability option will initially be available in the London and Chicago regions, with further expansion planned for the future.

Overall, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's new AI compute shape offers a highly efficient and powerful solution for organizations looking to leverage AI capabilities in the cloud. With its comprehensive specifications and flexible cloud deployment model, it serves as an attractive choice for AI-driven workloads.

– Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
– Image credit: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.