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Overwatch 2 Announces Compensation for Credits Bug during Anniversary Event

Blizzard has confirmed that players affected by the Credits bug during the Overwatch 2 Anniversary Event will be compensated during Season 7. In response to issues reported by players at the start of the event, Blizzard disabled Credits payouts for the remainder of the event. However, to make up for the inconvenience, Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Jared Neuss announced that a special reward will be given out in Season 7.

The Anniversary event in Overwatch 2 brought back popular game modes and challenges for players to earn Credits rewards. These Credits were intended to be used in the Anniversary Shop, which offered classic cosmetics exclusively available during the event. Unfortunately, players encountered problems with Credits payouts, prompting Blizzard to disable them from all challenges.

Neuss reassured players that once the issue is resolved, impacted players will be compensated. Furthermore, it was confirmed that all Credit rewards would be disabled during the final week of the Anniversary event. However, in an effort to apologize, Blizzard will be granting 3,000 Credits to all players as compensation.

To claim the free Credits, players will need to log into Overwatch 2 during the first week of Season 7, starting on October 10th. Once claimed, the Credits can be spent in the Anniversary Shop until October 16th.

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Source: Stephanie Zucarelli, Published: 2023-09-29, Updated: 2023-09-29