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Overwatch 2 Introduces New Rugby-Themed Skin for Junker Queen

Blizzard continues to surprise Overwatch fans with new content, even after the Summer Games event ended in July. The latest addition to the Overwatch 2 store is a rugby-themed bundle for Junker Queen, complete with a brand-new skin. Fans have long awaited this Australian-inspired skin for the matriarch of Junkertown, and it finally arrived.

The new Epic-quality skin features a green and yellow rugby kit, along with a stylish mohawk and eye black. This cosmetic item is not entirely unexpected, as Blizzard had previously released a rugby player icon and spray during this year's Summer Games. These items were obtainable through an in-game challenge.

In addition to the skin, the Rugby Junker Queen Bundle comes with three other items: a Rugby Ball weapon charm, a Rugby Queen player icon, and a Drop Kick emote. Fans can purchase this bundle for a total of 1,700 OW coins, which amounts to approximately $17.

Although the release of this skin comes two months after the Summer Games, it arrives just in time for the Overwatch 2 Anniversary celebration event. This event will reintroduce various game modes and legendary skins that players can acquire using Overwatch credits, rather than purchasing coins.

Blizzard's commitment to providing exciting new content for Overwatch 2 players is evident in the introduction of this rugby-themed skin for Junker Queen. Fans who have been eagerly awaiting this cosmetic item can now show their support for the matriarch of Junkertown in style.

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