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Overwatch 2: Shockingly Low Success Rates for Legendary Story Missions Revealed

The highly anticipated release of Overwatch 2: Invasion introduced players to the long-awaited PvE missions. However, many players have encountered a significant challenge in completing the Legendary Story Missions. These missions have proven to be incredibly difficult, with very few squads successfully completing them.

Players and streamers have spent days grinding the Story Missions on Legendary, working tirelessly to come up with strategies and coordinate their efforts. Despite their dedication, the completion rate of these missions is shockingly low. The director of Overwatch 2, Aaron Keller, recently shared the win rates for the missions, revealing the daunting numbers.

According to Keller's blog post, only 1.6% of attempts successfully completed the Gothenburg mission on Legendary, while only 0.7% of attempts on Toronto were successful. Although Keller did not disclose the success rate for the first mission, Rio De Janeiro, it is likely higher as it is considered to be easier in comparison.

Keller acknowledged the challenging nature of these missions and expressed his admiration for players' attempts at completing them on Legendary difficulty. He noted that most people struggle to complete the missions at this level of difficulty, requiring custom strategies and team compositions to overcome the toughest encounters.

This was particularly evident when renowned Overwatch streamers Flats, Emongg, Seagull, and KarQ embarked on their journey to beat all the missions on Legendary. Even for these experienced players, it took several days of experimentation with hero compositions and ult combos to achieve success.

If you are planning to tackle the PvE missions on Legendary difficulty, be prepared for a significant challenge. These missions are designed to test even the most skilled and coordinated teams, requiring careful planning and execution to emerge victorious.

– Author: Jeremy Gan
– Date: Published: 2023-08-21, Updated: 2023-08-21
– Title: Overwatch 2 devs reveal shocking success rate for Legendary Story Missions