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Panic Announces Turn-Based Tactical Action RPG “Arco”

Panic, the game publisher, has recently announced the upcoming release of a turn-based tactical action RPG called “Arco.” The game has been developed by Max Cahill, Franek Nowotniak, José Ramón “Bibiki” García, and Antonio “Fáyer” Uribe.

The story of Arco takes place in a world that draws inspiration from magical realism. Players will embark on a revenge-filled quest with four characters who must face off against the Red Company gang, also known as the corporate mafia. As they journey through diverse communities and wilderness, players will have to carefully plan their actions and observe their surroundings to overcome various encounters.

The combat system in Arco is based on a simultaneous turn-based mechanic. Each character in the game has their own unique abilities, and players will have the opportunity to recruit allies along the way. The game promises a rich and immersive experience, with stunning pixel art by Franek Nowotniak, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a captivating soundtrack composed by José Ramón “Bibiki” García.

Franek Nowotniak, the Game Lead on Arco, expressed their excitement about the game's release, stating, “Making the little guy run on the screen was a dream come true.”

Arco is scheduled to launch in 2024 and will be available for PC via Steam.

Sources: Panic

– Turn-based tactical action RPG: A genre of role-playing game where players take turns to make strategic decisions in a combat scenario.
– Magical realism: A literary genre that combines elements of realism with magical or supernatural elements.
– Simultaneous turn-based: A gameplay mechanism where all participants in a turn-based combat take their actions at the same time, requiring careful planning and anticipation.

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