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Paul McCartney’s Music to Be Incorporated in New Destiny Content

Ella Feingold, one of Bungie's music orchestrators, shared images on Instagram that hint at the recording of new music for the game. Interestingly, some of the music being recorded credits “P. McCartney”. Paul McCartney, renowned for his time with The Beatles and his prolific songwriting, contributed music to the original Destiny game. It is speculated that some of these melodies, created in collaboration with Marty O'Donnell, may make a comeback in future Destiny content.

While it is unlikely that McCartney will personally contribute new music to the project, his accreditation suggests that his compositions will be revisited. Many of these pieces have not been heard since the first game. Destiny 2's upcoming major release, The Final Shape, is set to conclude the Light and Darkness saga that has been unfolding since the first game's expansion.

In other news, Bungie recently achieved legal victories against several cheat sellers in the Destiny 2 community. Lavicheats was ordered to pay Bungie $6.7 million in damages, while another cheat seller had to pay $12 million. In previous cases, Bungie also won $13.5 million from Elite Boss Tech and $4.3 million from AimJunkies.

These developments hint at exciting advancements in the Destiny series, highlighting the incorporation of Paul McCartney's music and Bungie's efforts to maintain a fair and cheat-free gaming experience for players.