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Payday 3 Crossplay: Can You Play with Friends on Different Platforms?

With the release of Payday 3, players are eager to know if the game supports crossplay, allowing them to play with friends on different platforms. Crossplay is a convenient feature that enables multiplayer or co-op gameplay between players on different platforms. Games like Madden 24, Call of Duty: Warzone 2, and Apex Legends have successfully implemented crossplay, allowing players from different platforms to join forces.

Thankfully, Payday 3 does support crossplay and cross-progression. This means that players can play with their friends on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, regardless of the platform they are on. However, if you prefer to only play with players on your specific platform, the option to disable crossplay is available.

Disabling crossplay in Payday 3 is a straightforward process. Simply go to the More tab in the main menu, select Settings, and then navigate to the Gameplay tab. Scroll down until you find the Disable crossplay option and switch it to the On position. This will ensure that you are only matched with players on your platform. If you change your mind and want to enable crossplay again, just switch the option to Off.

It's worth noting that Payday 3 is not available on Xbox Game Pass at the moment. So if you're interested in playing the game, you'll need to purchase it separately.

In conclusion, Payday 3 supports crossplay and cross-progression, allowing players to join their friends on different platforms. The option to disable crossplay is also available for those who prefer to play exclusively with players on their own platform.

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