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Penguin Solutions Obtains NVIDIA Certification for AI Computing Support

Penguin Solutions, a leading brand under SGH, has announced its certification from NVIDIA to provide exceptional support to companies venturing into the world of AI computing with the NVIDIA DGX platform. As of September 26, 2023, Penguin Solutions has become an official part of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Managed Services program, affirming its dedication to delivering top-notch services to its clients.

The NVIDIA DGX systems are advanced supercomputing platforms designed specifically for large-scale AI development. These systems have outstanding capabilities that are revolutionizing the approach to artificial intelligence for businesses. To facilitate the adoption and management of DGX systems, NVIDIA introduced the DGX-Ready Managed Services program. This program allows organizations to outsource the management of their DGX systems, including the implementation and monitoring of server, storage, and networking resources within their own data centers.

Penguin Solutions, with its expertise in High-Performance Computing (HPC) and AI, is well-equipped to handle the complexities associated with DGX systems. The company's extensive knowledge and experience have earned them two prestigious NVIDIA Partner of the Year awards in the past. This recent certification further solidifies Penguin Solutions' position as a trusted and reliable partner for enterprises embarking on their AI journey.

Businesses choosing Penguin Solutions can expect unparalleled support and expertise, enabling them to unlock the full potential of NVIDIA DGX systems and accelerate their AI initiatives. Penguin Solutions is committed to empowering organizations with cutting-edge technologies and helping them thrive in the ever-evolving world of AI.

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