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Penn State Opens New Esports Center for Students to Enjoy

Penn State University has recently opened its new Esports Center in the White Building, providing a dedicated space for students to indulge in their gaming passions. The center, which officially opened its doors in the 2023-24 school year, offers state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for esports enthusiasts at the university.

Upon visiting the Esports Center, the staff from Onward State were impressed by the transformation of the space. What was once a room under construction had been turned into a moody gaming haven, complete with numerous PC setups, big-screen TVs, and ambient lighting. The room was designed to ensure comfort and convenience, with individual gaming stations and gaming chairs.

The Esports Center features a range of games for students to explore and enjoy. However, during the visit, there were minor setbacks with the downloading of games. In one case, one student's attempt to download Fortnite took longer than expected, which resulted in them switching to Rocket League instead. Despite this technical issue, the overall experience at the center was described as a blast.

In addition to the PCs, the Esports Center also has Xboxes hooked up to large televisions, providing an alternative gaming experience. The center even monitors the amount of time each student spends gaming, with a limit of 10 hours per week. This ensures that students can strike a balance between gaming and other academic commitments.

While some may question the use of university funds for an esports center, the positive feedback from students who have visited suggests that it was a worthwhile investment. The center provides a space for students to pursue their gaming interests, fostering community and camaraderie among gamers on campus.

In conclusion, the opening of Penn State's Esports Center provides an exciting opportunity for students to experience the world of esports within the university environment. The center combines state-of-the-art gaming facilities with a controlled usage policy to ensure a balanced approach to gaming. Whether students are seasoned gamers or simply curious, the Esports Center offers a space for all to enjoy.