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PIXO VR Partners with Verse Foresight to Expand VR Training in the Middle East

PIXO VR, a leading provider of virtual reality (VR) training solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Verse Foresight as its affiliate in the Middle East. This collaboration aims to combine PIXO’s expertise in VR training with Verse Foresight's extensive knowledge of learning needs and clients in the region.

With the Middle East's increasing demand for innovative solutions, this partnership allows PIXO VR to expand its reach and offer immersive learning experiences to businesses in the region. By leveraging PIXO’s VR content creation capabilities and enterprise-grade platform, Verse Foresight aims to empower organizations to engage their audiences in impactful ways.

As PIXO VR’s affiliate, Verse Foresight will focus on delivering PIXO’s solutions to various industries, including energy, construction, education, and healthcare. The partnership aims to provide transformative VR training experiences that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries.

This strategic collaboration highlights the growing importance of immersive learning in the Middle East and demonstrates a shared commitment to making work safer and more enriching through VR training. Together, PIXO VR and Verse Foresight will work to bring the power of VR to the region and drive innovation in training and education.

Stay tuned for more updates as PIXO VR and Verse Foresight embark on this transformative journey together, dedicated to revolutionizing learning experiences in the Middle East.

– Verse Foresight