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Play UNO in Fortnite Creative 2.0 with FortUNO

Fortnite players can now enjoy playing UNO with the introduction of a Creative 2.0 map called FortUNO. This map takes the popular card game to a whole new level, providing players with an authentic UNO experience within Fortnite's creative mode.

Creative mode in Fortnite has always allowed players to build, design, and explore. With Creative 2.0, the possibilities are expanded even further, allowing players to shape islands, sculpt terrains, and construct structures with the power of the Unreal Engine.

FortUNO is a variant of UNO that has been rebranded for Fortnite and is now available to play in Creative 2.0. Created by Fortnite creator Manuel Otheo, the FortUNO map allows players to drop onto an island and play the card game with their friends.

To access the FortUNO Creative 2.0 map, players can enter the island code “9573-7199-4945” in the Island Code tab of the Game Mode menu in Fortnite. Once loaded onto the island, players can join a Public Game to play with opponents.

The game functions similarly to the traditional UNO card game, but with a twist. Players shoot at cards to play them, adding an element of action to the gameplay. Up to four players can participate in a single round, and there are 108 cards available, including the classic +4 and WILD cards.

The creator of FortUNO has also mentioned that they plan to release more cards and make balance changes to the game in the future.

Now Fortnite players can enjoy the classic card game UNO within the expansive world of Creative 2.0. Whether playing with friends or challenging opponents, FortUNO offers a new and exciting way to experience UNO in the popular game.