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Play your Favorite PC Games on Android with Winlator

Playing Android games on your PC is relatively easy, thanks to options like the Windows Subsystem for Android or third-party emulators like Bluestacks. However, playing PC games on your Android device has always been a more challenging task.

Fortunately, a new emulator called Winlator aims to solve this problem by allowing you to play your favorite PC games on your Android device within minutes.

Winlator is an Android app that utilizes Wine and Box86/Box64 to run Windows (x86_64) games. While it works surprisingly well for the most part, some games may fail to run or require resolution adjustments. If you encounter any issues, you can tweak the settings to improve compatibility.

Setting up Winlator is relatively straightforward, although it is important to note that you must own the games you want to play, as the app does not provide any games. Simply download and install the APK from GitHub Releases, then download the OBB file ( and place it in the directory /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/com.winlator (create it if it doesn't exist). Launch the app and wait for the installation process to complete.

Some of the games that have been reported to run well with Winlator include Fallout 3, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Mass Effect 2, and Oblivion. You can even watch a video demonstration of Oblivion running on Winlator.

Overall, Winlator offers a promising solution for those who want to enjoy their favorite PC games on their Android devices. With a straightforward setup process and decent compatibility, it opens up new possibilities for gaming on the go.