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Players Suspended from Pokémon Go for Incorrect Pokéstop Nominations

Pokémon Go players have recently been facing account suspensions for nominating new Pokéstops that did not meet the criteria of the Wayfarer program. The Wayfarer program allows players to submit entries to enhance the game experience for everyone. Nominating Pokéstops is one of the ways players can contribute, but many have been suspended for their unsuccessful submissions and have had no means to appeal their suspensions.

From the beginning of September, players have been reporting 30-day suspensions from the game. Initially, some were skeptical, questioning whether these suspensions were specifically related to the nomination of Pokéstops. However, one player shared an email from Niantic, the game developer, which explicitly mentioned incorrect nominations as the cause for the suspensions. The email stated that the player's accounts had been suspended for 30 days due to violations of the nomination criteria.

Many players have expressed frustration over this situation. They argue that nominating new Pokéstops benefits both the game and the developer, and it seems unfair to be penalized for it. Content creator Zyonik, who gathered numerous complaints from suspended players, suggested that if the nominations were against the Terms of Service, players should face suspension of their Wayfarer account rather than their Pokémon Go account.

However, Niantic has since adjusted the penalties for abusive nominations to prevent wrongful suspensions. They introduced a “Wayfarer Abuse Enforcement Ladder” on September 15th, which includes warnings before suspensions and an appeals process for those who believe they were wrongly suspended. Despite this, some players have reported not receiving additional chances under the new process.

It remains unclear whether there are still cases of wrongful suspensions in Pokémon Go following the implementation of the new ladder system. Hopefully, with the revised policy, players who genuinely contribute to the game will not face unnecessary penalties.

– Niantic Pokémon Go Support Team
– Zyonik Pokemon Go YouTube Channel