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PlayStation 5 has advantage over Xbox Series X|S in terms of SSD performance, according to leaked documents

According to leaked court documents from Microsoft's court battle with the US market regulator, the FTC, it has been revealed that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) has an advantage over the Xbox Series X|S in terms of SSD performance. Liz Hamren, Xbox's former head of platform engineering and hardware, stated in the documents that Sony has optimized for raw higher throughput, resulting in a 2x performance advantage with slightly better hardware compression and associated performance improvements.

While the Xbox Series X does have a slightly higher Teraflops count (12 Teraflops) compared to the PS5 (10 Teraflops), the difference between the two systems is considered to be minuscule overall.

In other news, it has been reported that Microsoft is planning to release a new console in 2024 with a wild new design. This new console release and the surfacing of a next-gen Xbox has sparked speculation about the release date of the PlayStation 6. Some believe that these developments from Microsoft indicate that a PlayStation 6 release may be on the horizon.

Furthermore, leaked documents have revealed that Bethesda, a subsidiary of Microsoft, is working on a Fallout 3 remaster. This news has excited fans of the popular post-apocalyptic RPG series.

Lastly, it has come to light that Microsoft attempted to acquire Nintendo, but the Japanese gaming giant promptly rejected the offer. This rejection emphasizes the competitiveness of the gaming industry and the steadfast independence of Nintendo.

Overall, these leaked documents provide intriguing insights into the current state and future plans of the gaming industry, specifically in relation to Sony's PlayStation 5, Microsoft's Xbox Series X|S, and the intriguing developments within Bethesda and the attempted acquisition of Nintendo by Microsoft.

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