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PlayStation Announces PS Plus Essentials Free Games Line-Up for September 2023

PlayStation has unveiled the free games lineup for its PS Plus Essentials subscription tier for September 2023. PS Plus Essentials is the base tier of Sony's subscription service, providing access to online gaming and a selection of free games each month for subscribers to keep as long as their membership is active.

The standout title of the month is the Saints Row reboot, available for both PS5 and PS4. However, the game received mixed reviews upon its release last year. Critics cited its lack of innovation and referred to it as a tedious slog. The developers, Volition, have acknowledged the complaints and promised to release patches to address bugs and glitches. Additionally, the game has received three DLC expansions for players to enjoy.

The other two games included in September's lineup are the open-world shooter Generation Zero for PS4 and the MMORPG Black Desert for PS4. Unfortunately, neither of these games has fared well with critics, receiving low Metacritic scores.

Although some fans have expressed disappointment with this month's selection, it's worth noting that the PS Plus Essentials tier has previously offered acclaimed games such as OlliOlliWorld, Axiom Verge 2, Trek to Yomi, Jurassic World Evolution 2, and popular franchises like Call of Duty and NBA. With the upcoming subscription price increase, fans are hoping for a stronger lineup in the months to come.

In conclusion, PlayStation has announced the PS Plus Essentials free games lineup for September 2023, featuring Saints Row, Generation Zero, and Black Desert. While the current selection has received mixed reviews, previous months have offered a range of acclaimed titles. Fans are eagerly awaiting future releases in hopes of a more enticing lineup.

PS Plus Essentials – The base tier of Sony's subscription service that provides online gaming and a selection of free games every month.
Saints Row – A reboot of the popular open-world action-adventure game franchise developed by Volition.
Generation Zero – An open-world shooter game set in an alternate version of Sweden overrun by hostile machines.
Black Desert – An MMORPG set in a fantasy world where players can engage in various activities and explore a vast open world.

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