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PlayStation Network Experiences Service Outage

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is currently experiencing a service outage in some regions, causing inconvenience for users. Affected individuals have taken to social media platforms such as Twitter to express their concerns. The official PSN status page has confirmed issues with Account Management, Gaming, and Social.

The outage affects the PS5 platform and users may experience difficulties signing in or creating accounts for the PlayStation Network. Additionally, launching games, apps, or network features may also be problematic. The PSN team is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Several updates have been provided regarding the outage. Reports on Twitter and Downdetector indicate that users are still experiencing issues with the PlayStation Network, despite the official status page stating that everything is operational. Ubisoft has acknowledged the outage, but other game makers and PSN support have not addressed it yet.

In some instances, error messages such as “ws-37469-9” and “Unable to connect to PlayStation Network” have been reported by users.

While some outages have been resolved, others have occurred intermittently. The PSN service status page should be regularly checked for updates on the situation. It is advisable for affected users to stay tuned for further information.


– Official PSN status page