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PlayStation Plus Offers Destiny 2 Expansion “The Witch Queen” for Free in August

Destiny fans on PlayStation have something to be excited about this August, as PlayStation Plus is offering “The Witch Queen,” one of the game's best expansions, for free. Released in early 2022, this expansion for Destiny 2 brings new story content, raids, and the Glaive weapon. It is highly regarded by players and is a must-play for any fan.

Former Destiny 2 players who have been away from the game for some time can now explore the new Savathun's Throne World location and its surprises, including a new game mode called The Wellspring.

To access this free content, PlayStation Plus subscribers will need to already own the Destiny 2 base game for PS4 or PS5. Luckily, the base game is free-to-play, so all players need to do is install it to unlock the bonus content.

For those who are reinvigorated by “The Witch Queen” and want to continue their Destiny 2 journey, the good news is that the 2023 expansion, “Lightfall,” is already available for purchase. However, it has not been included in the PlayStation Plus offering yet, so players will need to spend some extra money to access it.

In addition to Destiny 2 content, PlayStation Plus also brings a range of other indie titles for free in August. So players have plenty of options to explore and enjoy this month.

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