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PlayStation Plus Offers Exciting Freebies for Subscribers in August

PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for a treat this August as they can take advantage of a variety of freebies included in their subscription. In addition to the already available free games, there are now seven new exclusive download packs that users can enjoy.

One of the offerings is the Azure Crusader's Armor Bundle for Puzzle Quest 3. This pack unlocks skins for the original heroes, an Epic Bone Mask, armor shards, and gold. War Thunder players can get their hands on the Helicopter Snail Bundle, which provides a unique Helicopter Snail decal.

World of Tanks players subscribed to PlayStation Plus can claim the August Supply Drop, giving them 400,000 silver and plenty of in-game items. Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena offers a VIP Booster, allowing players to increase their EXP and TP gain.

Disney Speedstorm presents the PlayStation Plus Exclusive Pack containing the Mulan Sterling Legacy Suit, a Dragon Flame avatar, and a Dragon Flame Sterling Edition Livery. Path of Exile offers Bundle 12, and Dauntless features the Summer Slayer Pack, which includes helpful in-game items like 25 Patrol Keys and a Tonics Bundle.

While the excitement of these downloads can vary based on individual gaming preferences, it's important not to miss out on these opportunities. PlayStation Plus subscribers should take advantage of these exclusive offerings to enhance their gaming experience.