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PlayStation Plus September Games: Saints Row Reboot, Black Desert, and Generation Zero

PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for a treat this September with a lineup of three exciting games. The headliner is the reboot of the popular Saints Row series, offering players a zany open-world action experience. Joining Saints Row is the fantasy multiplayer game Black Desert and the man versus machine shooter, Generation Zero.

For those not familiar with the Saints Row franchise, it can be described as a more madcap version of Grand Theft Auto, featuring outrageous characters, crazy weapons, and ultra-violent missions. In this reboot, players are tasked with taking over a city from menacing gangs as they build their own criminal empire. The timing of its release on PS Plus is significant as it coincides with the closure of its developer, Volition, after three decades in the industry. This development raises questions about the future of the Saints Row franchise.

Black Desert, on the other hand, offers a different genre of gameplay, catering to fantasy fans. Originally released in Asia in 2014, the game still boasts a large player base with over 600,000 daily players. Players can choose to embark on quests or follow their entrepreneurial spirit by engaging in activities such as fishing, farming, or horse breeding. Additionally, the game offers large-scale battles against both other players and enemies, providing action-packed gameplay for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Lastly, Generation Zero takes players back to the 80s with a shooter game where humans must face off against mechanoid robots. The game's setting and premise add a nostalgic touch, allowing players to experience a retro-style action game with a unique twist.

These three games are available to all PlayStation Plus members starting from September 5th. However, it's worth noting that Sony is preparing to increase prices for annual PlayStation Plus plans. To avoid the surcharge, it is recommended to sign up for a yearly subscription before September 6th.

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