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Pokemon GO: Best IVs for Shadow Zapdos in Battle League

Learn about the best IVs for Shadow Zapdos in Pokemon GO's Great League, Ultra League, and Master League for Battle League.

Pokemon GO's new season, Adventures Abound, brings exciting additions to the game, including the appearance of Shadow Zapdos in Shadow Raids. These special raids will take place on Saturdays and Sundays starting from September 2, 2023, and can only be accessed by visiting Gyms.

For trainers interested in Battle League, understanding the Individual Values (IVs) of the Pokemon they capture is crucial. When it comes to Shadow Zapdos, it's important to know the perfect IVs for each format of the GO Battle League.

In the Great League, the perfect IVs for Shadow Zapdos are 5/15/14. This will allow it to reach a CP of 1,500. Shadow Zapdos performs exceptionally well in this league, defeating powerful opponents such as Noctowl, Venusaur, Pelipper, Azumarill, and Sableye.

In the Ultra League, the ideal IV distribution for Shadow Zapdos is 1/12/13. At this level, its CP will reach 2,500. In late-game scenarios when shields are exhausted, Shadow Zapdos can win against 25 out of 49 Ultra League meta-picks, ranking it at 49 on the PvPoke tier list.

For the Master League, the best IVs are typically 15/15/15, also known as perfect IVs. Since there are no CP caps in this format, Shadow Zapdos can reach its maximum potential at Level 50 with perfect IVs, resulting in a CP of 3,987. In battles without shields, Shadow Zapdos wins 19 out of 35 matchups, and in one-shield situations, it emerges victorious 18 times.

Shadow Zapdos proves to be a formidable opponent, taking down Flying-types, Swampert, and even top meta-picks like Xerneas.

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