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Pokemon Go Community Calls for Major Change to Raid Passes

Pokemon Go players have long been frustrated with the current features of Raids and Gyms in the game. Now, fans are demanding a significant change to the way Raid Passes are used.

Throughout the year, Pokemon Go has had exciting events and rollouts, but there have been issues with some of these features. However, it's not just the new features that are causing frustration. Classic elements like Raids have been a source of annoyance since the game was released.

One Reddit user shared their experience with entering a Primal Raid only to have all the other players drop out, resulting in a wasted pass. This post gained a lot of attention, with hundreds of players sharing similar stories.

The suggestion made by one user was for Raid Passes to work similarly to Rocket Radars, where the pass is not consumed unless the raid is won. Many fans agreed with this change, as they often can't afford to buy remote passes and find it frustrating to lose a pass due to not winning the raid.

Some fans proposed that this change should be implemented for tier 5 raids, especially if there are only a small number of players participating. They argue that Niantic potentially makes more money when players waste passes, but giving players a chance for a do-over would be more beneficial in the long run.

The sentiment among the community is clear – Raid Passes need to be improved. The community hopes that Niantic will take these suggestions into consideration and make the necessary changes.

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