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Pokemon Go Greninja Community Day: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go players are excited for the upcoming Greninja Community Day, where they will have the opportunity to add this iconic Pokemon to their teams. Many players are curious about Greninja's performance in PvP and PvE battles, as well as its shiny variant in the game. Here's all the information you need to know about getting Greninja in Pokemon Go.

To obtain Greninja, players need to catch a Froakie and evolve it into a Frogadier using 25 Candy. Then, Frogadier can be further evolved into Greninja using 100 Candy. The best chance to catch multiple Greninja is during the Froakie Community Day, which takes place on Sunday, August 13, 2023, from 2 PM to 5 PM local time. During this event, players will also receive 2x Candy for catching Pokemon, making it easier to evolve Froakie into Greninja quickly.

Shiny Greninja is available in Pokemon Go and can be obtained during and after the Froakie Community Day event. Lucky players may encounter a shiny Froakie and evolve it into a shiny Greninja. The chances of encountering a shiny Froakie on Community Day are approximately 1 in 25 or a 4% chance.

In PvP battles, Greninja is particularly strong in the Ultra League. Despite its lack of high bulk, Greninja can deal heavy damage with its moveset and force opponents to switch out their Pokemon, giving players an advantage. The recommended PvP moveset for Greninja includes Water Shuriken as a Fast Move, along with Hydro Cannon and Night Slash as Charged Moves. Water Shuriken generates energy quickly, while Hydro Cannon deals significant damage. Night Slash, on the other hand, has the chance to boost Greninja's Attack stats.

In PvE battles, Greninja is a good choice, although it is outclassed by Kyogre. Its low Defense and HP stats make it important to dodge in PvE battles. The best PvE moveset for Greninja includes Water Shuriken as a Fast Move and Hydro Cannon as a Charged Move. These moves have high damage output, making Greninja a powerful Water attacker.

Overall, Greninja is a highly sought-after Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Whether you're looking to improve your PvP performance or add a strong Water attacker to your PvE team, Greninja is a great choice. Don't miss the opportunity to catch and evolve Greninja during the Froakie Community Day event.